Record in the cradle of gold records and live the experience of the best studios in Spain.


At pkostudios your experience comes first, that’s why we provide you with the best equipment and personnel to make recordings of the highest level, from soloists to orchestras. We have the largest Manley equipment in the world and interconnected rooms to perform simultaneous recordings and tackle any kind of musical challenge.

Studio recording

We have 11 studios and suites that allow us to undertake any project. Our main studio (studio 1) has one of the most exclusive installations (Solid Stage Logic SL 9000S) and more than 96 systems including equalizers, compressors, reverbs, etc. Our studios 2, 3 and 4 are industry benchmarks, as well as our auxiliary equipment, rentals and musical instruments.

Main Studio:

  • 1 Main Studio of 136m2.
  • Analog Equipment
  • 53m2 control and 83 m2 of room
  • Listening 5.1 Dynaudio M4
  • Solid State Logic 9000 J Mixer

Studio 2:

  • Official Dolby Atmos Studio
  • Atmos Speakers 7.1.4
  • Atmos + 7.1 + 5.1 + Multich
  • 100% immersive Chain and FX
  • Sony 360 Reality compatible

Studio 4:

  • Neve 8014 and Digidesign Mixer
  • Hybrid working systems
  • Mastering room designed by Bob Ludwig
  • C VI Dumlavy Audio listeners
  • Gryphon Antileon stages

Mobile Unit

A fully equipped mobile studio wherever you need it. PKO’s technical quality and philosophy everywhere, even off-grid. Record wherever your creativity flows with Comeback Studios.


  • Studio microphones, ribbon, condenser
  • Conference, lavalier, wi-fi microphones
  • Custom routing and cabling
  • Wireless listening and pickup
  • Streaming retransmission


  • Converter DAD AX32 AD/DA Dante
  • Converter Ferrofish A32 Dante
  • Preamplifier Kahayan 12K72
  • Preamplifier Kahayan Krystal One
  • Preamplifier Grace Design M108


  • Portable Soundproofed Cabin 3x2m
  • Varied computer equipment
  • Redundant network + backup
  • Batteries for off-grid
  • On-site audio control

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  • con ingeniero certificado

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