Master and finalize your projects with the best equipment and engineers.

Master at PKO

Mastering is the most important post-mixing process, and makes the difference between a professional and an amateur product. Our professional engineers perform as a “notary” a final check on the mix by adjusting dynamics, EQ and balance to make your production sound as full-bodied and harmonically rich as possible.

Our Master process

Our studio has specialized mastering hardware, such as the famous Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor, considered the best mastering compressor on the market, and others such as the SSL 9000 or API 2500, true industry standards.

Also equalizers such as the GML 8200, the iconic equalizer created by George Massenbourg, or the Crane Song HEDD 192 AD/DA converter, one of the best analog-to-digital converters available.

Technical capabilities:

  • Mastering for iTunes Certificates
  • More than 200 plug-in suites
  • Complete analog-digital synergy

Facilities and equipment:

  • 100% interconnected studios
  • Master with award-winning engineers
  • Rooms designed by Bob Ludwig

Live the PKO experience:

  • Custom VIP Mastering
  • Legendary” hardware at your disposal
  • Expert accompaniment

Tape Mastering

We offer special mastering processes on tape of different caliber and grain to add to your productions the body and firmness of the masterings that have made you vibrate all your life on the radio and CDs.
Before the tape we go through hardware limiters, TC 6000 and the best mastering plugins, so that your sound shines with all the sonic depth that only these analog processes offer.


  • Transient smoothing
  • Band from 5 to 9 Khz
  • Harmonic enrichment

Sound color:

  • Compression of the tape itself
  • Choice of tape grain and timbre
  • Warm 70’s 80’s sonority


  • Possibility to record on tape
  • Possibility of analog summing
  • 100% tape mastering

Online Mastering

Thanks to our Online Mastering service we can offer the quality that characterizes us without the need to go to the studio in person. Our engineers will work on your mix to make the track sound good and be commercially competitive both on CD and streaming platforms.

Perform this whole process without leaving home with our Online Mastering service.


  • Legendary hardware at a click
  • PKO quality standard
  • Professional master guaranteed

Human resources:

  • Master with award-winning engineers
  • Top artistic experience
  • Direct line to the PKO team

Workflow dynamic:

  • Multiple master reviews
  • Continuous dialogue with the engineer
  • Professional final product

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Special rates and accommodation are also available.

from 50€/h

from 150€/day

  • con ingeniero certificado

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