Online Studio

Our studios wherever you are, you can count on our infrastructure from anywhere in the world.

Online Mastering

Send us your mix by tracks or stems through the cloud quickly and easily.

Our engineering team will contact you to define your project and the sonority, color and depth you desire.

We will return the final product to you perfectly adjusted and customized, with the option of several rounds of feedback until it is exactly the way you need it.


Online Mixing

Send us your raw tracks online, always following the guidance of our online studio. Our mixing engineers and producers will contact you to define the characteristics of the mix, sonority and effects you need, working together throughout the whole process.

We will send you back a pre-master and the final tracks in stems so you can master them yourself in any other DAW, or you can also request our online master to receive a professional final product.


Online Batteries

We have a varied cast of professional percussionists specialized in different styles, available to record the percussions you need in conditioned rooms and with the best drum hardware available.

Send us your scores or tablatures and select the type of wood, heads, cymbals and other elements of your set. We will return all the tracks of each microphone perfectly prepared for your mix.


Send your request

We will call you to discuss your project and give you an approximate delivery date. You will be in contact with the PKO team at all times during the process.

    Your name: Artist/Label you represent:
    Email: Phone:
    I am interested in... My project is...
    Number of songs: Do you need us to perform the music production task? NOSi, necesito un productor
    Link to your tracks in the cloud*. You can give us a link to drive, wetransfer, etc... We need each track separated by folders and each track properly named with its instrument. To find out how to get your recording ready for us to mix or master you can check our online studio guide . You need it for the date... I accept the Privacy Policy.


    Online Studio Guide

    We share with you this guide to work with our online studio with fluency and confidence. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

    How is the process of the online studio?

    Our online services include recording, mixing and mastering, always with the best quality without you having to go to the recording studio.

    We will send you back your finished product and you can make the agreed corrections depending on the service.

    How to prepare the tracks?

    The tracks should be exported in WAV 24bit 48khz format, or in 24bit 44.1khz format.

    The tracks must have no clips or audio distortions.

    Name each track with the instrument it is.

    How to send the tracks?

    You can send us the tracks by uploading them to a cloud of your choice (drive, wetransfer, dropbox…) and copying the link in the form.


    Other Services

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    Online Studio

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