Mix your projects with the best engineers and facilities, feel the sound in a unique way.

Multiformat Mixing

Mixing is a technical but also a creative process, and the most important part of a music production. The engineer plays a fundamental role, and the technical and artistic work of our team has led us to give birth to some of the most exciting and resounding mixes on the international scene.

Stereo Mixing

Stereo mixing is the fundamental part of a production process, and when an album sounds good, it always has a good mix behind it. Our studios have a hybrid mixing environment combining the best of the digital world, and some of the most recognized analog hardware in the industry.

We have the best mixing engineers, hundreds of analog processing racks and one of the most iconic desks of all time, the Solid State Logic 9000.

Technical equipment:

  • +200 original plug-in suites
  • Full analog-digital synergy
  • Solid State and Neve mixers

Facilities and equipment:

  • 3 dedicated acoustic rooms
  • Mixing with award-winning engineers
  • Hybrid mixing environment

Live the PKO experience:

  • Custom VIP mixing
  • Legendary” hardware at your disposal
  • Expert accompaniment

Dolby Atmos mixing

Take your productions to the next level with Dolby Atmos immersive 3D audio. Mix with Comeback Studios in multichannel, 7.1, 5.1, stereo and simultaneous Atmos at the first Atmos Music studio in Spain.

Atmos Music Studio:

  • Dolby Labs official studio
  • First Atmos Music of Spain.
  • Certified Engineers

Immersive listening:

  • Listen to Atmos 7.1.4
  • 100% immersive chain and FX
  • Dolby Cinema compatible

Maximum compatibility:

  • Atmos + 7.1 + 5.1 + Multich
  • Multiformat Bounce
  • Sony 360 Reality compatible

Online Mixing

Thanks to our Online Mixing service we can offer the quality that characterizes us without the need to go to the studio. The biggest artists already work in the cloud with the studios from their own environments guaranteeing the quality even if the production is done remotely.

Send your tracks easily and quickly achieving spectacular results without having to travel. PKO quality wherever you are.


  • Legendary hardware at a click
  • PKO quality standard
  • Professional mixing guaranteed

Human resources:

  • Mixing with award-winning engineers
  • Top artistic expertise
  • Direct line to the PKO team

Work dynamics:

  • Multiple mix reviews
  • Continuous dialogue with the engineer
  • Professional final product

Book the studio with just one click!

We have a reservation system so you don’t have to wait any longer, we also have special rates and accommodation.

from 50€/h

from 150€/day

  • con ingeniero certificado

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