The Rudeboyz visit PKO Studios

The Rudeboyz, prominent Colombian producers Kevin ADG and Chan “El Genio”, have been recognized as an unstoppable force in the urban music industry. Their innovative style and talent for fusing Latin rhythms with international influences have catapulted them to the top of the music scene.

Its catalog of artists includes names such as Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, Maluma, Arcángel, Lali, Sebastián Yatra or Feid, among many others.

We have had the privilege of receiving their visit and enjoying their talent and closeness over several days in which we have tried to make them feel at home. They will always be welcome to the great PKO family.

You will be able to see them on the new Netflix show, La Firma presented by Raw Alejandro or in their recent collaborations such as the music video for the song Ojalá with Maluma and Adam Levine.

We hope to see them again soon and that they continue collecting successes.

The Rudeboyz visit PKO Studios



PKO launches its new publishing label PKO Music Edition

From PKO Music Group we have taken another step to support and promote musical talent by launching our own publishing label: PKO Music Edition.

As a company committed to the growth and development of artists, we have created PKO Music Edition to offer an exclusive platform to authors and composers. We want to provide to the music community the right space to bring the creations to life and share the stories through the music.

At PKO Music Edition, we focus on providing comprehensive support to artists. From advice and support in composition and production, to the registration of songs and support in the collection of copyright royalties, our goal is to accompany authors in those stages of their musical career in which we can add value to them. We are here to empower your talent and help you achieve success in the industry.

To that end, we are proud to be able to establish strategic partnerships with record labels, agencies, brands, and other key players in the music industry. This allows us to further expand the reach and visibility of our collaborations, giving our authors the opportunity to reach new audiences and markets.

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PKO Music Group, the service company from PKO Studios.

A new ecosystem of the music industry for artists and brands, from the best recording studios in Madrid.

That’s PKO Music Group.

From the best recording studios in Madrid, PKO Studios, this new project combines technical facilities for music production that are unique in Spain, with a multidisciplinary team that expands the range of services that PKO Studios has been offering artists for more than 30 years.

From the classics to the modern, artists know they have a home at PKO. Our way of working, close, familiar but with the highest level of quality and professionalism, is what sets us apart in the music industry. PKO Music Group breathes the same philosophy and transfers it to all the projects it undertakes.

With this new team, PKO Music Group consolidates its leadership as the best independent recording studio in the country and expands its range of services for artists and companies, being able to develop any project related to the music industry at the highest level:

  • Musical services: recording, mixing, production, mastering of any type of audio
  • Catalog: composition for artists, companies, videogames and audiovisuals (film, TV, Advertising)
  • Booking and events: booking for artists and events organization (music industry or corporate)
  • Camps and hosting: organization of composition camps and VIP hosting services for artists
  • Training and team buildings: masterclasses, face-to-face courses and company team buildings
  • Advice and management: artistic advice and editorial rights management services
  • Marketing services: marketing and strategic consulting specialized in the music industry
  • Branded Entertainment: Music-related content strategy for brands
  • Audiovisual production: Creation and production of audiovisual music-related formats

We took off.

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